Lucia Toribio shares her personal inspirations and the story of her journey from industrial engineering to fashion design

Mexican up-&-coming culinary star Yudit Camacho takes us into her family kitchen and shares her favorite recipe

Discover the magical practice of Oaxacan black clay pottery, and meet the inspiring female artisans reviving this extraordinary craft

The most striking thing about handmade artisanal crafts is the blend of diligence, passion, skill, and ingenuity that goes into creating them. Even the apparently simplest of products go through a complex process, perfected through the generations, where often several pairs of hands make the artist’s imagination come to life.

Barro negro pottery, made of naturally black clay found in the Oaxacan region in Mexico, is the ultimate combination of physically intense handmade work, the mystery of centuries-old traditions, and the almost magical effects of chemical reactions.

Barro negro products, which are 100% organic and made solely of mud and…

Meet Brazil’s Female Indiana Jones, the incredible Fernanda Trombino Figuereido de Assis, founder of Xapuri Crafts

Take yourself on a wholesome journey to nourish your mind, body, and soul with one of Morocco’s best yoga retreats

Whether you’re planning a trip this spring, or just craving some design inspiration, check out these dazzling Mexican Airbnbs.

The Nopo’s selection of Mexico’s 5 most beautifully-designed boutique hotels to Inspire your Home’cation

Courtesy of @lavalisetulum

When it comes to Mexican decor and interior design, you really don’t have to look too hard to find exceptional sources of inspiration. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can lay on a handwoven hammock watching the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico lapping onto the white shores, or dine at handmade Solferino wood tables, admiring intricate wall-hung Mexican tapestry.

Until then, why not bring a little bit of Mexico home? Get inspired by these five beautifully-designed boutique hotels around Mexico that feature a unique blend of local and international design and showcase stunning artisanal crafts. …

Meet Kytzia and Yoyo, the vivacious duo who are breathing new life into Mexican folk art.

Colorful pompoms dangling around her neck, and a large camel hat to her head, Kytzia smiles at me with the most infectious smile, through the camera on a Zoom call. I can’t help but smile back and I continue to, during the whole interview. Kytzia passionately tells me about her friendship and partnership with Yoyo and how Ubuntu Market came about. As I sit there listening and watching this exceptional young woman, one thing becomes very clear, Pompoms are so cool!

In 2015, Kytzia Bourlon and her best friend Yoana Cortes were being pulled away by their friends while the…

Paloma Santa Cruz and Ricardo Duran, partners in love and art, share the story behind their Macramé creations at MxAtelier

The beauty of MxAtelier’s macramé creations can only be paralleled by the bright enthusiasm and genuine passion for the craft the power-couple behind this Mexican brand exudes.

MxAtelier is the work of Colombian artist Paloma Santa Cruz and Mexican architect Ricardo Duran. I met them over Zoom at their home-turned-workshop in artsy Cancún, where huge bundles of strings laid scattered in wild heaps waiting to be reconfigured into an orderly and precise sequence of knots, gradually transforming into a masterful work of art.

Their workshop is, effectively, how I imagine Paloma’s brain: a chaotic and colorful playground, where a thousand…

Carol Schoch and Taller Maya share their experience of working with indigenous communities and promoting fair trade

The beauty of an artisan’s hands threading a wooden shuttle through thousands of hand-spun cotton strings is beyond definition, as is the cadence of a foot pushing a pedal loom while two strong arms run the weft shuttle up and down. You might look at nimble, swift fingers knotting nine-meter-long strings of cotton into a macramé shawl, or at a potter’s biceps contracting while mixing some Oaxacan dark clay, just like a baker would knead the dough, and be left speechless at the mastery these simple movements communicate.

This year we’ve had the privilege of partnering with master artisans from…

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